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Crockett Co

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Barnhart 1920, USGS Big Lake 1920, USGS Crane 1928, US Army Corps of Engineers
Barnhart 1920, USGS
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Big Lake 1920, USGS
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COUNTY: Irion (partial Crockett); SCALE: 1:62,500 COUNTY: Reagan (partial Crockett, Irion); SCALE: 1:62,500 COUNTY: Crane/Upton (partial Crockett); SCALE: 1:125,000
Howards Creek 1938, US Army Corps of Engineers Juno 1919, US Army Corps of Engineers Rankin 1928, USGS
Rankin 1928, USGS
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COUNTY: Crockett/Terrell/Val Verde; SCALE: 1:125,000 COUNTY: Crockett/Val Verde; SCALE: 1:125,000 COUNTY: Upton (partial Crockett, Reagan); SCALE: 1:125,000
Sheffield 192-, US Army Corps of Engineers
COUNTY: Crockett (partial Pecos, Terrell); SCALE: 1:125,000